Welcome to Lava Lamp Recording

Hello and welcome to Lava Lamp Recording. We are a project studio located in the heart of the Los Angeles recording scene and offer tracking through mastering services. High quality at affordable rates is what we are all about. Whether it’s one song or a full album, we would love nothing more than the opportunity to take your project from “I would love to do that” to “I did it.”


Working with others that make you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing is an important part of the recording process. The recording process with us at Lava Lamp Recording is an absolutely friendly, comfortable, relaxed, no pressure situation. After all, all of that plays a big part in the final result. It’s not just about the gear.


Speaking of gear… with lots of amazing gear and software, we have the ability to make your recording sound fantastic at more than reasonable rates. Please take a moment to listen to some of the samples provided. Hopefully, you like what you hear and deem Lava Lamp Recording a possibility for your next recording project….. no matter how small.


Please call or contact us through the Contact Us page and we will get back to you quickly. Thanks for visiting the Lava Lamp Recording website and we hope to work with you soon.