Newest studio addition

ClariphonicAdded the Kush Audio Clariphonic parallel EQ to the arsenal recently. This thing is awesome. It’s magic on the top end and really opens up the mix. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Yeah it’s not cheap but it’s gonna make our clients very happy. Steppin’ up our game a bit here. Check it out at They’ve got a couple of other pieces I wouldn’t mind havin’ around.

Stranger Things’ Official Video for “My World”

Stranger Things’ album recorded here at Lava Lamp. Take a few minutes to watch their video for “My World.” They’ve got that big rock sound and are currently tracking lots of new material at the moment so stay tuned for big things to come. You can find them at


Marshall Garcia in Studio

Recently had Marshall Garcia in studio tracking a retro vibe tune. Had a bit of REM flavor to it. Tracked, mixed and mastered right here at Lava Lamp.


A Little Clean Up

Hi all. Looks like a site with very little activity yeah? Well, just did some cleaning up of old posts so will be starting anew with new info. Feels good to clean and start fresh with recent updates. Come back and visit us often. Also, don’t forget to hit us up if you need to get those hit songs out to the world. We’d love to help you do just that. Thanks for coming by.